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Corporate Philosophy

The Three Circle

Corporate philosophy through horizontal cooperation


SI Holdings has played the leading role on many occasions, such as when establishing a new business structure and developing new customers, to making the group companies operate smoothly and taking advantage of the group.
Having the keywords of “health”, “environment”, and “safety”, eminowa proposes a “way of being healthy to restore the vitality of humans” based on the model of nature. The major product is “Yamada no Aojiru.” We sell supplements that are invaluable for people to maintain health and beauty.
Based on its experience and accomplishments in the areas of production and development, Toprun provides household health appliances in association with the group companies efficiently. We are also in charge of sales to corporations overseas, such as China and countries in South East Asia.



The First Excellence

Contribution by exceeding expectations


To see customers’ smiles


People can be impressed only when provided with products or services that exceed their expectations. To share customers’ smiles and impressions, we will never stop developing and improving our products and services.


Shared relationship between individuals and organizations


An organization is a group of people. We believe that individual happiness can lead to organizational growth and vice versa.


Contribution to a healthy and wealthy society


We are keenly aware of being part of society. To realize a society in which people can be healthy and wealthy, we will contribute to society through our business and social activities.



The Second Excellence


Seizing change as an opportunity


Now that environmental factors are rapidly changing in the wake of globalization, we positively accept change, consider change as being an opportunity, and take action before change actually occurs.


Cooperation with partners


Each employee learns the importance of collaboration within a team by facing up to challenges without being afraid of change. Through cooperation, we can grow more.



The Third Excellence

Leading by exceeding support


Being powerful through horizontal cooperation


SI Holdings Co., Ltd. has developed a horizontal organization across the three groups based on the theme of “health” and has been leading the group. Strong partnerships can bring out their characteristics, causing a synergistic effect.



Global expansion with strong ties


Strategic cooperation among our groups has been effective in various fields such as the development and production of new products, the development of new customers, and overseas expansion. It has also succeeded in increasing inquiries and orders, resulting in the growth of the overall group. We are proud of these strong ties.



“Trust” is important


The trust of society is essential to a company that is involved in “health.” To build such trust, we raise the awareness of compliance throughout the group and among all the employees. By thoroughly pursuing corporate ethics at every level, we will reinforce the sound management of the organization.



For a society full of smiles


Our aim is “healthy and comfortable living.” We conduct business activities that are environmentally friendly, while supporting better lives and offering a means of maintaining good health. Customer’s every smile brings happiness to the company, which leads to heartwarming society.