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Three “Excellences”
for a happy society


President Teruhisa Yamada

SI Holdings Co., Ltd.
President Teruhisa Yamada

President Akihisa Yamada

What can we do? For a long time, I have been thinking about how we can satisfy the expectations of all of our company’s stakeholders, including our customers, clients, and employees. Now, I am promising you “Excellence.” The three “Excellences”, our basic principle, include expectations, change, and support.

Excellence of expectations

 First, I would like to talk about expectations. Providing excellence beyond a wide range of expectations from our employees and customers will lead to our making a meaningful contribution to society. Here is an example of exceeding the expectations of our employees. An organization is a group of people. How can we make each employee find harmony between the growth of our organization and their individual happiness? We found that the answer lies in pursuing the harmony of our organization and individual visions, where organizational growth can lead to individual happiness, and vice versa. In addition, we will exceed the expectations of our customers. People can be impressed only when provided with products or services that exceed their expectations. To give customers the gift of a “smile”, we continue to develop and improve our products and services by understanding our customers’ needs. By exceeding expectations as a member of society, we will contribute to society through our business and social activities.

Excellence of change

Secondly, I will talk about change. Not only are we flexible and capable of change but we can also provide more than change. In the wake of globalization, time passes more quickly and the movement of people and goods has increased dramatically. As a result, our living environment has changed significantly. Given that the lifecycles of products and business models have shortened accordingly, anyone who is afraid of change will be left behind. That is why we consider change as an opportunity and experience such change as a means of moving forward. This requires further collaboration. With the cooperation, we will be able to grow more as a team.

Excellence of support

Finally, what is excellence of support? Our company, SI Holdings Co., Ltd., has played a central role in the three groups of “eminowa Co., Ltd.”, “Toprun Co., Ltd.”, and “Primary Step Co., Ltd.” Unlike a top-down organization that offers one-sided support, which is often seen in traditional Japanese management, we promote the establishment of an organization to realize a corporate philosophy based on horizontal cooperation. By building a strong partnership that can make 1 plus 1 equal more than 2, we are acting as a leader for the entire group.


As explained above, the “excellences” of expectations, change, and support are the corporate philosophy of SI Holdings Co., Ltd. We contribute to the community by exceeding expectations, grow by exceeding change, and lead our partners by exceeding support. If we were to fly into the future, we hope that we would find a society where people smile at each other. With such a hope, we commit ourselves to making efforts every day.