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SI Holdings Co., Ltd.は、I think that it is the responsibility of a company in an information society to protect the personal information which is a visitor’s precious property. It is overwhelmed as much as possible by the suitable management and protection of personal information which were kept for such recognition from the visitor at our company based on the following items.


A name, a birth date, sex, a telephone number, a mail address, office, the contents of a request, etc. are the information about an individual, and personal information means what can identify a specific individual by combining one or two or more among these.

3.Use purpose

  • (1)
  • Set the personal information kept from the visitor only inside our company. (The exception in 5 is excluded. )
    I will use for the following purpose.
  • (A)For the job execution based on a visitor’s request
  • (B)In order to contact a visitor
  • (C)In order to announce you the service contents of our company
  • (D)In order to raise service contents and to conduct case analysis
  • (2)
  • When it is necessary to use personal information for the purpose other than the above, consent is obtained in advance each time. When consent cannot be obtained, I do not use the personal information concerned.
  • (3)
  • It depends on a visitor’s judgment whether a visitor is provided with the personal information on an own one by our company. When not provided, please understand beforehand that our services indicated on this purport of a letter may be unable to be provided.

4.Personal information collection

In keeping personal information from a visitor for a request, consultation, an estimate, request for information, etc., please give me offer of the minimum necessary within the limits of the purpose.

5.Personal information un-indicating.

Except for the case of the following provided in Article 23 of personal information protection law, I do not disclose the personal information kept from the visitor for a third party.

When based on a statute
When it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself/herself by the case where there is necessity for protection of people’s life, the body, or property
When it is difficult to be a case where there is necessity especially for promotion of the improvement in public health, or a child’s healthy training, and to obtain the consent of the person himself/herself
When there is a possibility of exerting trouble on execution of the office work concerned by being a case where those who accepted the organization of a ountry,a municipal corporation, or its trust need to cooperate to carrying out office work provided by a statute, and obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself
When the consent of the person himself/herself is obtained beforehand

6.A confidentiality contract with the cooperation company concerned at the time of providing or depositing

When outsourcing outside to all or a part of business of our company, our company selected the consignee carefully, on condition that the management system which can protect personal information appropriately was covered with and performed, and has managed a visitor’s personal information strictly.

7.Acceptance to the application of the use stop from a visitor, deletion, etc.

The visitor can offer the inquiry window of our company, in order to stop that require an indication and correction of the personal information on an own one of our company, or our company uses, offers or deposits a visitor’s personal information. that time — our company — a visitor — after I am allowed to check the person himself/herself, I correspond within a rational period.
Our reference about personal information is as follows.

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